L.P. Vaughn Jr. High School Field Trip

The 8th grade graduating class from L.P. Vaughn Jr. High in Natchitoches, LA visited Arlington for their class trip. Their stops included the Cowboys Stadium, the Parks Mall and ice rink, the Fort Worth Zoo, and the movies. But when the motorcoach pulled into town on Friday, they docked at M. Benjamin Designs first. The students took part in an interactive tour and watched as we printed their 8th grade commemorative T-Shirts. Each student was also given an opportunity to pull his or her freshly screen printed and “piping hot” T-Shirt from the conveyor dryer. Ouch! After the tour, they all loaded up on pizza with fresh fruit and cookies. Thanks Principal Sandy Irchirl for bringing your crew through and we hope that you guys had a fine time in Arlington!

Mrs. Gonzalez’s 5th Grade Class Wins 2013 Green Team Challenge!

M. Benjamin Designs partnered with Rankin Elementary for the company’s 2013 Green Team Challenge. The Green Team Challenge is a competition between the 4th-6th grade students and recognizes the classroom that collects the largest percentage of recyclables. Collectively, 267 students participated in this year’s challenge. All participants received a Green Team Challenge Tumbler and a handy No. 2 Green Team Challenge pencil. The 18 “champs” in Mrs. Gonzalez’s class also received 2013 Green Team Champs T-Shirts (which they proudly sported throughout the school) and a pizza party during their lunch hour. Mrs. Gonzalez, your class ROCKS!!!

Green Team Tours M Benjamin Designs

Rankin Elementary’s Green Team visited M. Benjamin Designs to learn more about the company’s recycling program and to see recycling efforts in use. After a brief tour, the students participated in reclaiming textile ink from screens and watched a demonstration on preparing environmentally-friendly packing materials. They later took part in printing the shirts for their school’s Green Team. After the interactive tour, the students were treated to a pizza party and departed wearing their freshly printed T-Shirts. Thanks for visiting us, Rankin Green Team, and keep up the earth-friendly efforts!